The Month of October (in_tu_it) wrote in the_monstrosity,
The Month of October

More info!

Need more info. I listed a few things here to jog my memory (and yours)

What's the full name of the guy that did the actor part of the Haunt? Wasn't his name Matt? Got a last name?

How many rooms in the Haunt? I count 28. (Entrance, theater, mirror theater, projection room, kitchen, stairway, living room, bathroom, kid's bedroom, arboretum, clear maze, dark maze, octagon, blacklight room (in dark maze), car wreck, spider, science lab, giant ant, House entrance, last will and testament room, hanging couple, family crypt, swinging wall room, noose room, shack entry, shack, pumpkin king room, vortex tunnel). If I have missed any, please say so.

How many rooms were in Matt's haunt? How many actors? How many props? How much $$?

How many props were constructed or already constructed? I count 97. (Pointing death, box office, box office monster, marquee, 4 poster boxes, 4 posters, 4 small posters (for sections), 5 mannequins, projector w/motor, cranking ghost, kitchen shelf, stairway, 2 skeletons, 3 broken pictures, black window in living room, body watching TV, sink, small skeleton, thing in bathtub, surprise prop in kid's room, twisted tree, direction tree, stream, bridge, bench, octagon chandelier, 2 wrecked cars, 2 spiders on cars, giant spider, body, newspaper headlines, giant ant, 4 buildings, roads, movie credits, Last Will and Testament, fading chandelier, 2 hanging bodies, swinging walls, journal, crypt entry, 2 skeletons w/coffins, 10? nooses, pallet shack, Stumpy, No Arms, Tux boy (without the Tux), skeleton in cage, Pumpkin King, Throne, 4 ghouls, Vortex Tunnel.) If I have missed any, say so.
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