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I have completed the mini-documentary on last year's Monstrosity/Wes' interview. It's not long (3:14) and blurry (even uncompressed!) so there's no big deal in showing this thing. However, I can make copies of videos of it if you want one. If any of you wish to use the video for any reason (like promotion), feel free to do so.


So I've got Robont's, Circlek's, Degenerate Press's, Ldy's, Both of DesignDiva's, Poon's and ditz's pictures... who am I missing?

I'd like to have all the pictures posted without LJ references, if possible. Rob's, Degenerate Press's, and Circlek's site don't put lj user links on their pages, so I guess I could link those without doing anything, but would any of you other people mind if I created pages for your pictures devoid of any LJ links and outside of LJ itself?


I try to keep randoms out of LJ unless they know about it already. I know it's dorky, but I prefer not to directly link it from my web page.
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Again, I am a lazy ass...

I have to finish getting all the stuff cleaned up at the mill.... ASAP

Can I get some volunteers to help with the final clean up, and to help taking care of the New Years mess?

I don't think I can do it alone.

Wednesday Night? At 6?

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Non-LJ Patty said some others got some video of Monstrosity that night, and she was sooper-pissed that my raw video footage does not have the vortex tunnel in action! Well, that would really be something to add, so does anyone have any video footage of it? Or of the party in general, I'd love to borrow a tape and get some sweet footage.


More info!

Need more info. I listed a few things here to jog my memory (and yours)

What's the full name of the guy that did the actor part of the Haunt? Wasn't his name Matt? Got a last name?

How many rooms in the Haunt? I count 28. room listCollapse ) If I have missed any, please say so.

How many rooms were in Matt's haunt? How many actors? How many props? How much $$?

How many props were constructed or already constructed? I count 97. prop listCollapse ) If I have missed any, say so.